As well as chess, chessKIDS academy includes various other games for you to play, all of which help develop differnt cognitive skills.

The simplest strategy game is perhaps NOUGHTS AND CROSSES (TIC TAC TOE). This is an excellent introduction to the concept of strategy games, thinking ahead and predicting your opponent's next move and is recommended especially for younger children.

Another strategy game is BOXES (JOIN THE DOTS), in which you connect points in a grid. Your aim is to complete a square, which gives you a point and another turn, so your strategy is to avoid making the third side of a square. Be careful to watch what your opponent is doing!

A more complicated strategy game is DRAUGHTS (CHECKERS), which is simpler to understand than chess and therefore more suitable for younger children, but which, experts will tell you, is just as profound as chess once you really get into it.

We strongly recommend that EVERYONE plays PAIRS (CONCENTRATION/PELMANISM) on a regular basis. This game tests and improves your concentration and short-term memory. Keep a record of your times and see how much you can improve.

Develop your visual awareness, patterning skills and hand-eye-brain coordination by playing a game of TETRIS. Please note that at present this program does not run under Firefox - you'll have to play it using IE.


A strategy game we enjoy which is not very well known is TEEKO. It is from the same family as Noughts and Crosses and Connect 4.

We have also been solving LOGIC PUZZLES. You can find the puzzes we solved HERE and HERE. You can find logic puzzles in magazines and on various websites.